Can you dig it?

06 February 2010

Pond diggers


Yes we did! It was a frosty week in February leading up to our pond digging volunteer day. Thankfully the frost melted and allowed the 23 volunteers to get their spades in and create a new pond in Darnley Mill. 

Darnley Mill is one of the sites identified by the Living Waters project which aims to create and improve pond networks across Glasgow. This new pond will expand the wetlands found within Darnley Mill, which are already home to many magnificent plants and animals.  The pond will naturally fill with water and pond dwellers will make it their home over time. If we are lucky we may even see some frogs and toads in the water this spring!    

Thanks very much to all those who came out and worked so hard! There will be future opportunities to get involved in the Living Waters project through surveying pond life across Darnley Mill and planting wetland flora around our new pond. For more details please contact or visit