New country park car park open

27 June 2011

A new country park car park, at Balgraystone Road, Barrhead (the country road opposite St Luke's High School) is now open. The lack of parking has long been recognised as one of the main weaknesses associated with the Dams to Darnley area. The new car park will make a big difference for local residents, it is now much easier to access the country park and enjoy the peace and quiet that it offers. The car park has also been planned to make it easier for local schols to visit the country park as part of the countryside rangers' successful environmental education programme.

Funding to support the cost of the car park came from the Scottish Government and European Funding (EU).

The car park is next to Balgray Reservoir, one of the best inland water bodies for spotting birdlife in this part of Scotland. The car park connects to the existing path around the south shore of Balgray Reservoir, which in turn leads to the rest of the Barrhead dams and all the way to Nitshill Road.  

It is important to give people alternatives to using the car, so you can also get to Balgray Reservoir and the rest of the country park by using the path from Springfield Road, Barrhead.