New woodland paths

10 February 2012

Work is underway within the country park to build two new circular paths. The main path will take the line of the old Darnley House driveway, before following the route of what is currently a muddy desire line, alongside the Aurs Burn and through Waulkmilll Glen woods. Given the steep topography within Waulkmill Glen the new route needs to make use of an old set of wooden steps, which will be repaired during the works. The second shorter path follows a flat route, apart from a short steep section from Corselet Road, looping around the outside of an area of old mine workings at Darnley Mill. Remediation works to make this area safe were completed in 2011. New planting and wildflower seeding will form part of the path improvements. Two new entrances on Corselet Road will provide access to both paths.

It is anticipated that the new paths will be finished during April 2012, in time to see the spring flowers emerge within Darnley Mill and Waulkmill Glen! Hopefully the works will not cause too much disruption for regular country park visitors in the meantime.

The paths will provide new additions to the routes used by the regular country park walking group.