Grime crimes

06 August 2008

Graffiti is an ongoing issue within the Dams to Darnley Country Park. The countryside rangers are attempting to tackle this by reporting all graffiti to the appropriate authority as soon as it goes up. They have managed to remove much of the graffiti from within the country park and are now dealing with individual hot spots as they arise. Continually reporting and removing graffiti helps to reinforce the message that the country park area is being looked after, encouraging more people to enjoy and appreciate their outdoor space.

Fly-tipping is another problem that detracts from some of the quiet roads in and around the country park. Again the countryside rangers are working to get rubbish cleaned up as quickly as possible.   

Before and after images

Grime Crimes - Before  Grime Crimes - After

Please help to keep the country park clean by contacting the countryside rangers to report graffiti, fly-tipping and litter. Please be as precise as possible in terms of the location and nature of the problem.