The country park orienteering course is ideal for beginners and families. The course is made up of 20 wooden posts within Darnley Mill and the greenspace next to the Parklands Meadow estate. The posts are found by following an orienteering map and without the need for a compass or to stray too far from the paths.

Each orienteering post is about a metre high and painted red and white on the top. The posts also have a number (1-20) painted on their front face and a letter on the back. The letters are filled in on a control sheet as you progress. The control sheet also gives additional clues to the location of the posts. 

The course can be completed as two separate walks; posts 1-10 are at Darnley Mill and 11-20 at Parklands Meadow. Alternatively the course can be completed as one long route, taking approximately one and a half hours to complete at an easy walking pace.

The starting point for the course is the country park entrance behind the World Buffet restaurant on Corselet Road, just off Nitshill Road, Darnley, but you can visit the posts in any order.