Role of the countryside ranger service

The role of the countryside ranger service is to promote the enjoyment, understanding and care of the country park through the provision of information, advice, events and activities. Through their work they also assist to manage the country park and secure the responsible behaviour of everyone visiting it. Their role is in line with that of countryside rangers nationally, as outlined in the policy statement 'Rangers in Scotland' published by Scottish Natural Heritage in 2008. 


Regularly country park patrols, whether on foot or by bike, are a key part of the countryside ranger service’s work. These patrols creates a visible presence on the ground, providing visitors with information and advice about the best places to walk, cycle and ride and the area’s wildlife and history. They also help to raise awareness about the country park project.

Report graffiti, fly-tipping, vandalism, litter etc.

Through regular patrols the countryside ranger service is able to keep on top of problems such as graffiti and fly-tipping.  The service also has an important role to promote responsible behaviour, helping to reduce anti-social behaviour. If you notice any problems such as graffiti, fly-tipping, vandalism or litter within the country park then please contact the countryside ranger service.

Events, activities and guided walks

Throughout the year the countryside ranger service deliver a series of community events, activities and guided walks for all the family. For a full list of events please visit the what’s on section. The service also gets involved in the activities of community groups and are also very keen to offer their skills to local schools.  

Volunteer opportunities

The countryside ranger service leads volunteer opportunities within the country park and are particularly keen to work with, and offer help to, voluntary groups where they can. A conservation volunteer group meets every fortnight within the country park. This gives local residents an opportunity to get involved with the countryside ranger service in protecting and improving the country park.      

Wildlife recording

The country park is made up of a mosaic of different habitats which provide homes to many species of plants and animals. The countryside ranger service work with a number of individuals and organisations to survey and manage the country park to improve its biodiversity.

You can help by passing on your wildlife sightings within the country park. If you spot a species of interest within the country park please let us know by contacting the countryside ranger service or filling in a wildlife sighting form