Meet our countryside ranger

Joe Connelly


BSC Geology (University of Glasgow), HNC Countryside Management (Scottish Agricultural College), Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Stratchclyde Police Wildlife Crime Co-ordinator.


Walking, travel, wildlife and reading.

Favourite animal

White-tailed (or sea) eagle. Britain's largest bird with a wing span that can reach two and a half metres. I was lucky enough to work for several years every springtime protecting their nests from egg thieves and disturbance. Once seen, never forgotten. These birds are huge!

Favourite plant

Not a plant but a tree - the Scots pine. This is our native pine, and although found throughout Scotland (and the world) it is the tree of Scotland's oldest woods - the Caledonian Pine Forest of the Highlands. In these woods you will also find wildcat, pine martin, capercaillie and crossbill. What could be more Scottish!