Environmental education and outdoor learning opportunities

A country park environmental education pack promotes the countryside ranger service as a free resource for local schools. It is structured around Curriculum for Excellence and provides lesson plans for countryside ranger led activities available within the country park or school grounds (if suitable). Suggested follow-up activities and self-led lesson plans are also included. Copies of the pack have been distributed free to local nursery, primary and secondary schools. Click on the image below to view the pack.


The PDF version of the pack, or the individual sections or pages contained within it, can also be printed off or photocopied.

Environmental education pack (PDF 1.06MB) 

Booking form (PDF 56KB)

Evaluation form (PDF 113KB)

Notes for teachers leading their own outdoor learning activities (PDF 96KB)

Example risk assessment (PDF 103KB)

Blank risk assessment (PDF 97KB)

Contact details, additional resources and ideas (PDF 53KB)