The changing seasons

When the seasons start to change so does the bird life. As winter turns to spring, many of the ducks depart to breed and the first of the summer migrants start to arrive at the country park after travelling many thousand of miles. The harsh scratchy song of the sedge warbler and the melodious warble of the willow warblers fill the air.

Common sandpiper, a small wading bird, can often be seen along the shore line bobbing their tails, while the swifts skim low over the water, listen out for their screaming call. The hedgerows are full of life with finches, warblers, tits and buntings.

As autumn approaches again the summer migrants fly south, to be replaced by winter migrants such as the redwing, fieldfare, wigeon, teal, goldeneye and goosander.

In addition to the birdlife, Balgray Reservoir is also home to number of other species.  Both otter and water vole are believed to use the reservoir and surrounding water courses. On warm summer evening pipistrelle bats can be seen hunting for midges and other flying insects. Look out for fox or roe deer which can be spotted in the surrounding farmland.