Walking, cycling and horse riding

A seven mile network of paths already exists across the country park providing opportunities for walking, cycling and horse riding. As the country park develops the path network and access links to surrounding communities will be developed further.

A walk by the water

This whindust route runs parallel to the southern shore of Balgray Reservoir. The path is flat and ideal for all users. The one and a quarter mile route can be accessed from the entrances at Springfield Road and Balgraystone Road (the country road opposite St. Luke's High School), Barrhead and Aurs Road. The path has a level whindust surface so it is ideal for walking, cycling and horse riding.

The route connects to the country park spinal path on the other side of Aurs Road. Care needs to be taken in crossing Aurs Road as it is a busy, narrow public road with no footpath at this point. 

Parking along Aurs Road is also extremely limited so it is better to use the Balgray Reservoir car park, off Balgraystone Road.

The heart of the country park

The spinal path is a two and a quarter mile linear tarmac route through the heart of the country park, linking Balgray Reservoir to Darnley Mill. The route starts at one end opposite side of Aurs Road from the Balgray Reservoir path. Aurs Road is a busy road between Newton Mearns and Barrhead so great care needs to be taken in crossing at this point.

The route takes in many of the country park’s main features. The southern half follows the edge of Ryat Linn, Waulkmill Glen and Littleton reservoirs, passing under the Victorian railway viaduct and above Waulkmill Glen. This part of the route is occasionally used by Scottish Water service vehicles.

The northern half of the route runs along Corselet Road. Beyond the Aurs Burn there are a series of entrances from Corselet Road into Darnley Mill. Although this is a quiet public road, care should be taken as there is no footpath. The northern end of the route comes out at Nitshill Road, beside the Ashoka restaurant. 

Most of the route is flat, apart from a section between Darnley Mill and Waulkmill Glen which has a gentle gradient rising as you head south, and a second steeper section rising up to Waulkmill Glen Reservoir.

Parking along Aurs Road is extremely limited so it is better to park at the Ashoka restaurant car off Nitshill Road. The restaurant management are happy for their car park to be used to access the country park. 

Darnley Mill - paths, ponds and grasslands

Darnley Mill has a network of level whindust paths, including a one mile Brock Burn circular path. The main entrances to the path network are from Nitshill Road and Corselet Road. There are also entrances from Waukglen Road, via a long flight of steps, Waukglen Drive and Foxglove Place in Southpark Village.

Parklands Meadow

A network of gravel chip paths has been established as part of the housing estate at Parklands Meadow, off Parkhouse Road. The main path leads from Parkhouse Road to Corselet Road, which in turn connects Darnley Mill, Waulkmill Glen and the Barrhead dams. There are entrances from Parkhouse Road at the start of the estate, as well as from the estate itself.

The paths include a couple of steep sections, each of which has an alternate route with a gentler gradient.

Stewarton Road

A network of gravel chip paths has also been created within the woods next to the Mearns Grove housing estate, off Stewarton Road. Access to the path network is from Stewarton Road or Deaconsgrange Road.

The paths include two flights of steps, but there are also alternative ramped paths with gentler gradients.

Country park postcards

Postcards showing the Balgray Reservoir, spinal and Darnley Mill paths are available free by contacting the countryside ranger service.