Country park wildlife

Green-veined white butterflyThe country park is made up of a mosaic of different habitats, providing homes for many species of plants and animals. These habitats include the open water of the Barrhead dams, wetlands and burns that are great for pond life, woodland, grassland and scrub.

Wildlife sightings

The countryside rangers are working with a number of individuals and organisations to survey the species present within the country park. You can help by submitting a wildlife sighting of your own to add to the recent sightings section.

Local biodiversity action plans

Local biodiversity action plans (LBAPs) aim to increase awareness and appreciation of the various species and habitats of national and local importance found throughout the local area. They also promote good practice relating to their protection, conservation and enhancement. Both the East Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Local Biodiversity Action Plan and the City of Glasgow Local Biodiversity Action Plan highlight a number of important species and habitats that are found within the country park.